El Dorado Chapter #927 Blog

Current thinking on beavers identifies them as a desirable resource as well as a species to be maintained. Read More
A recent study by the University of Oregon reports that fire suppresion costs have grown to exceed one billion dollars annualy. Read More
Trout Unlimited California and the California School of Fly Fishing have announced their plans for the 2014 Trout Camp. Trout Unlimited's Sierra... Read More
The El Dorado Chapter operates in El Dorado County, California. Our core group from the broad Placerville area gathered together in 2010 to escape... Read More
Fish and off highway vehicles have a relationship. Read More
A compromise agreement reached by conservation groups, off-roaders and three rural counties settles litigation going back to the 1990's by resolving... Read More
Northern California's Casting for Recovery (CFR) and the El Dorado Chapter Trout Unlimited (TU) hosted a fundraising event on August 17 at the Camino... Read More